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a la mode

V. to serve

The dish will be served with ice cream.

bain marie

A large pot containing boiling water in which smaller containers can be set to cook food slowly. Also known as a water bath.

blind bake

V. to blind bake

Pre-baking a pastry shell, often with a weight to prevent the pastry from rising.


n. caramelisation

v. to caramelise

Caramelisation is the heating of sugar until it is brown. This occurs at 149C and a characteristic flavour develops.


Refers to a light, airy texture. Fold beaten egg whites to achieve this texture.


V. to chill

To cool a dessert in the fridge but not freeze it.


A pastry made from pate a choux. Also known as a cream puff pastry.

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egg wash

n. egg wash

To make an egg wash, mix a whole egg or egg white with a small amount of water or milk to brush over dough before baking. This creates a glossy baked surface and enhances the texture.

flood icing

v. flooded

To top with thinned Royal icing. Piped onto cakes and cookies to create a sugar design that dries.

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v. to level

Scrape a knife or spatula across a measuring cup which contains heaped dry ingredients.

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v. to pack

Refers to measurement of brown sugar. Spoon sugar into a measuring cup and press down until firmly packed then level. When turned out, the brown sugar should hold its shape.

petit fours

Bite-sized cakes that are elaborately decorated.


(n) quanelle

A quenelle is an elegant scoop of a dessert that has a soft-serve texture, like mousse or custard. The scoop has a more refined shape and is thus better for fine dining or for special occasions.

rest time

V. rest

After kneading dough, it benefits from a rest period (10 - 30 minutes). Cover with a bowl or cellophane that has been sprayed with pan spray so a skin doesn't form. It's called an intermediate proof when using yeast dough.

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to beat

v. to beat

To rapidly mix a mixture until it is smooth, using a spoon, electric mixer or hand beater.

to dust

v. to dust

To lightly sprinkle the surface with sugar, flour or crumbs. This technique is also used for sprinkling flour on a surface for rolling out and shaping dough.

to fold

V. folding

To gently combine more than one ingredient, or a delicate mixture into a thicker one, without stirring or deflating the mixture. To do this slice vertically through the mixture and turn it over by sliding the mixing tool along the bottom of the container.

to score

V. score

To make small, shallow cuts on the surface of a baked good.

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The outer skin of citrus fruits used to impart flavour to food and baked items.