Recipes Converter Definitions FAQs
Pancakes Filled with Crème Pâtissière and Orange SauceRating: Complex
Pancake Tart with Red FruitsRating: Quick
Grandma's PancakesRating: Complex
Homemade Gingerbread SpreadRating: Quick
Quick Gingerbread BiscuitsRating: Quick
Gingerbread MenRating: Quick
Filled CookiesRating: Complex
Cookies with Chocolate and BlueberriesRating: Quick
Classic Chocolate Chip CookiesRating: Quick
Multi Coloured Cake PopsRating: Complex
Easy quatre quart cakeRating: Quick
Apple Cinnamon cakeRating: Quick
BrowniesRating: Quick
Brownie fingers with nut caramelRating: Quick
Brownie cake with raspberriesRating: Quick
MelkkosRating: Quick
Chocolate Milk TartRating: Quick
Banana Caramel FlanRating: Quick
Queen CakesRating: Quick
PizzaRating: Complex
Milk RollsRating: Complex
Peanut Butter Oatmeal CookiesRating: Quick
Cappuccino MuffinsRating: Quick
Belgian TartRating: Complex
Bread RollsRating: Quick
Swiss RollRating: Complex
Chocolate Loaf in Brandy or Orange SauceRating: Complex
Bar-One CakeRating: Complex
Father's Day Bread Basket QuichesRating: Quick
Banana CakeRating: Quick
Custard SlicesRating: Quick
Cappuccino SquaresRating: Quick
Coffee TartRating: Quick
Chocolate MousseRating: Quick
Rich Chocolate CheesecakeRating: Complex
Chilled Lemon CheesecakeRating: Quick
Plum Cake for World Baking DayRating: Complex
Mocha Victorian Sponge CakeRating: Quick
Meringue Baskets for Mother’s DayRating: Complex
Overnight Honey and Muesli MuffinsRating: Complex
Strawberry Swirl CheesecakeRating: Complex
SconesRating: Quick
Mother’s Day CupcakesRating: Quick
Roly Poly PuddingRating: Quick
Lava CakeRating: Complex
Marshmallow TartRating: Quick
New York Cheesecake for World Baking DayRating: Complex
Mosaic Cake for World Baking DayRating: Complex
Red Velvet Cupcakes for World Baking DayRating: Quick
Simple Cookies for World Baking DayRating: Quick
Hidden Heart Cake for World Baking DayRating: Complex
Tropical Fruit Cake for World Baking DayRating: Quick
Chocolate Layer Cake with Fruit for World Baking DayRating: Quick
Zebra Chocolate Chip Cookies for World Baking DayRating: Quick
Chocolate Guinness Cake for World Baking DayRating: Quick
Chocolate Brownies for World Baking DayRating: Quick
Carrot Cake for World Baking DayRating: Complex
Yoghurt TartRating: Quick
Wafer BiscuitsRating: Quick
Upside-down Peach TartRating: Complex
Stork Beat 'n Bake Chocolate CakeRating: Quick
Stork Beat n Bake CakeRating: Quick
Raisin TartRating: Quick
Milk Tart-filled Profiteroles with White Chocolate GanacheRating: Complex
Malva PuddingRating: Quick
KoeksistersRating: Complex
Gooseberry Cheesecake Rating: Quick
Gingernut BiscuitsRating: Quick
Essie CookiesRating: Quick
EclairsRating: Quick
Date MuffinsRating: Quick
Date CakeRating: Quick
Custard BiscuitsRating: Quick
Cremora TartRating: Quick
Coconut CookiesRating: Quick
CinnabonsRating: Complex
Chocolate SouffléRating: Complex
Chocolate MuffinsRating: Quick
Chocolate EclairsRating: Complex
Cardamom Shortbread SquaresRating: Quick
Cardamom BiscuitsRating: Quick
Choc Chip Shortbread CookiesRating: Quick
Cherry Coconut LoafRating: Quick
Blueberry MuffinsRating: Quick
Bran MuffinsRating: Quick
Baked Milk TartRating: Quick
Apple Crumble Rating: Quick
Banana BreadRating: Quick
Turkish Delight CakeRating: Quick
Sweet Potato and Macadamia Nut CakeRating: Quick
South African Milk TartletsRating: Complex
Rustic Nut TartRating: Complex
Renuka's Malva PuddingRating: Quick
Raspberry and White Chocolate CupcakesRating: Complex
Peanut Butter and Chocolate CakeRating: Complex
Pay Day BrowniesRating: Quick
My Ouma's Zoet KoekiesRating: Quick
Milk Tart CakeRating: Complex
Maryam's BiscuitsRating: Quick
Karen's CupcakesRating: Quick
Hide Away Hearts CupcakesRating: Complex
Dark Chocolate Torte with Melktert Ice Cream and Orange SyrupRating: Complex
Cinnamon CurlsRating: Quick
Chocolate Fudge CakeRating: Quick
Choc Chip Cookies, the South African WayRating: Quick
Banana Muffins Rating: Quick
5 Cup Health CrunchiesRating: Quick
Pita BreadRating: Complex
Easter Egg CakeRating: Quick
Easter Basket with EggsRating: Quick
Lemon Fruit TwistRating: Quick
Orange KissesRating: Quick
Iced Easter CookiesRating: Quick
Cranberry and Choc Chip Hot Cross BunsRating: Quick
Eggless RusksRating: Complex
Strawberries & Cream CupcakesRating: Quick
Red Velvet Chocolate Brownies Rating: Quick
Raspberry and White Chocolate CakeRating: Quick
PoliRating: Quick
Petit FoursRating: Quick
PendaRating: Quick
Orange MuffinsRating: Quick
Naan KataiRating: Quick
Millionaires ShortbreadRating: Quick
Microwave Milk TartRating: Quick
Microwave FudgeRating: Quick
Madeira CakeRating: Quick
Lemon and Poppyseed MuffinsRating: Quick
Halloween Spider CakeRating: Complex
Gingerbread FigurinesRating: Quick
Fondant IcingRating: Quick
Elatchie BiscuitsRating: Quick
Double Chocolate Caramel Fudge CakeRating: Quick
CroissantsRating: Complex
Creamy KheerRating: Quick
Coffee CakeRating: Quick
Cinnamon and Apple SconesRating: Quick
Cheesy Pumpkin and Rosemary BreadRating: Quick
Braai Day RoosterkoekRating: Complex
Red Velvet CupcakesRating: Quick
Black Forest CakeRating: Quick
Vanilla Cupcake ConesRating: Quick
Beat ‘n Bake Milo CakeRating: Quick
Vanilla Fudge CakeRating: Quick
Strawberry Scone CakeRating: Quick
Microwave Chocolate CakeRating: Quick
Melting MomentsRating: Quick
HoneycombRating: Quick
Greek ShortbreadRating: Quick
Rum and Raisin CookiesRating: Quick
Sugar CookiesRating: Quick
Blueberry CheesecakeRating: Complex
Eggless Carrot CakeRating: Quick
Rice Krispie CookiesRating: Quick
Currant SquaresRating: Quick
Lemon CakeRating: Quick
Espresso Cupcakes with Mocha Buttercream Rating: Quick
Cookies with Coloured SugarRating: Quick
Condensed Milk RusksRating: Complex
Overnight Bran & Date MuffinsRating: Quick
Cherry Chocolate MuffinsRating: Quick
Eastern PaskhaRating: Quick
Plum TartRating: Quick
Coffee CookiesRating: Quick
Cape Brandy PuddingRating: Quick
Bread and Butter PuddingRating: Quick
Anzac BiscuitsRating: Quick
French Apple PieRating: Complex
Flower CupcakesRating: Complex
Father's Day Spicy Apple RingRating: Complex
Father's Day Apple Tarte TatinRating: Complex
Farm Animal CupcakesRating: Complex
Fairy Cakes with Cream Cheese Icing Rating: Quick
Eggless Chocolate CakeRating: Quick
Easy Nut and Cherry FudgeRating: Quick
Easy BurfeeRating: Quick
Coconut BurfeeRating: Quick
Jaggery Sweet MeatRating: Quick
Chana MagajRating: Quick
Yeast BreadRating: Complex
Easy Brioche Rating: Complex
Easter Simnel CakeRating: Complex
Dutch Apple PieRating: Complex
Feta and Tomato TartRating: Quick
Apple TartRating: Quick
Apple Cheese BunsRating: Quick
Crispy Marmalade CroissantsRating: Quick
Angel WingsRating: Quick
Blackberry CakeRating: Quick
Forest Fruit TartsRating: Quick
DoughnutsRating: Quick
Cute CupcakesRating: Quick
Custard CookiesRating: Quick
Cupcakes with ButtonsRating: Complex
CrunchiesRating: Quick
Coconut TartletsRating: Complex
Coconut IceRating: Quick
Coconut CakeRating: Quick
Traditional Christmas PuddingRating: Complex
Spiced Muffins and Brandy CreamRating: Quick
Valentine's Heart CakeRating: Complex
Sweetheart CookiesRating: Complex
Whimsical Wedding CakeRating: Complex
Sundried Tomato, Parmesan and Oregano SconesRating: Quick
Stork Chocolate Fudge CakeRating: Quick
Stork Beat 'n Bake Vanilla CakeRating: Quick
Stork Beat 'n Bake 10,000 CakeRating: Complex
StollenRating: Complex
Spicy One Bowl Roasting Pan with Streusel ToppingRating: Quick
Semolina Sweet MeatRating: Complex
Scary Halloween cakeRating: Complex
Saucy Choc Pecan PuddingRating: Quick
Rosewater Cake with Berry CreamRating: Quick
Red Velvet CakeRating: Quick
Rainbow CakeRating: Quick
Quick Chocolate FondueRating: Quick
Princess Party CakeRating: Complex
Polish Apple PieRating: Quick
Mother's Day Chocolate Orange Rose CakeRating: Quick
Mince PiesRating: Quick
Lemon Meringue TartRating: Complex
Iced Lemon BarsRating: Quick
Hot Cross BunsRating: Quick
Gingerbread House Rating: Complex
Giant CupcakeRating: Quick
Fudge TartRating: Quick
Christmas WreathRating: Complex
Christmas Tree CookiesRating: Quick
Christening Celebration CakeRating: Complex
Chocolate TrufflesRating: Quick
Chocolate Ginger TrufflesRating: Complex
Chocolate Cake with Créme FraicheRating: Complex
Chiffon CakeRating: Quick
Celebration Fruit CakeRating: Complex
Celebration Birthday CakeRating: Complex
Carrot CakeRating: Complex
Camouflage Party CakeRating: Complex
Cake PopsRating: Quick
Beer Box CakeRating: Quick
Jam Tart Rating: Quick
Whole Wheat Soda Bread Rating: Complex
Cherry LoafRating: Complex
Spinach and Ricotta Individual TartsRating: Quick
Cranberry, Nut & White Choc CookiesRating: Quick
Coconut ScrapsRating: Quick
White ChristmasRating: Quick
Swedish TrufflesRating: Quick
Stork Cream IcingRating: Quick
Rocky Road BrowniesRating: Quick
PanettoneRating: Complex
Marshmallow Crackle TreatsRating: Quick
MacaroonsRating: Complex
Karamonk ScrapsRating: Quick
HerzogkoekiesRating: Quick
Granadilla CakeRating: Quick
Golden Wedding Anniversary CakeRating: Complex
Fruit Honey and Oat BarsRating: Quick
Fruit CakeRating: Complex
Chocolate Pecan Nut BrowniesRating: Quick
Choc Chip MuffinsRating: Quick
Choc Chip CookiesRating: Quick
Cheese SconesRating: Quick
Caramel Chocolate Yule LogRating: Complex
Buttermilk RusksRating: Complex
Berry TartRating: Complex
Baked Lemon CheesecakeRating: Complex
Apricot Cinnamon CakeRating: Quick
Apple Honey CakeRating: Quick
Apple CobblerRating: Quick
Mielie BreadRating: Quick
21st Celebration CakeRating: Quick
Coconut LamingtonsRating: Quick
ShortbreadRating: Quick
WafflesRating: Quick
Raspberry and Cream Chocolate CakeRating: Quick
Milk HalwaRating: Quick
Date RollsRating: Quick
Vermicilli Fruit and NutsRating: Quick
Soji BallsRating: Quick
Sparkling Party CheesecakeRating: Quick
Sugar Coated Spiced CookiesRating: Quick
Vanilla CakeRating: Quick
Rosemary, Garlic, Olive and Parmesan BreadRating: Complex
Rice Krispie Celebration CupcakesRating: Quick
Croissant PuddingRating: Quick